Adios and Enjoi

Six weeks of thirteen hours a day in a packing shed, followed by two weeks of fifteen hours a day in a calculus II book doesn’t sound like an especially exciting way to start a summer vaca. Unless you’re me, I guess. Somehow, I’ve made it a manageable undertaking.

It goes like this: it takes two weeks of holding the worst position in a cherry factory to realize (from your extensive training in economics) that things could be run better. Okay, that is an exaggeration in two ways. It doesn’t take two weeks, and it doesn’t take any training in economics. This is common sense and at OG Packing, the problems are anything but few and far between. So after week two and being promoted to the supervisor at my position, I went to ask Guy Cotton, one of the owners of the shed, if I could put my economics to use in helping his company with an internship position. After he blew me off, he came back and offered me a position the next day. The next two weeks were spent taking samples from a cherry sorting machine, the biggest thing in the cherry world right now (exciting, I know. Hold it in!). Then, the next two weeks were spent compiling data and preparing a presentation. At the end of the season, Josh (new great friend who worked on the project with me) and I gave a three hour presentation, negotiated a three-million dollar contract, and made out with $7000 and an opportunity at a paid trip to Australia in August.

Then it was back to Malibu for calculus II. My days are as follows: Wake up at 8-9am. Study Until 2pm. Lunch, workout, dinner. Study again until about 10 or 12pm. Again, stay in your seats. I need the calculus II as a prerequisite for two classes I’m taking in the fall, but I don’t have time to take a class this summer. That leaves me all by my lonesome in the vast sea of calculus. But, I guess I can’t really complain. Even though Calc has me pulling my hair out at times, I have had some wonderful adventures with friends in the few moments I’ve had away from calculus, and I haven’t paid for room and board yet, thanks to some truly amazing people in Malibu. You know who you are!!!

But now for the fun part! On Saturday I leave for Costa Rica with Casey–best friend/life companion– and her family. Nine days later I embark on a four week mission to Africa with three of my closest friends. I truly cannot wait to see what God has in store for me this summer.

And since that isn’t the end of my travels, I decided to start a Blog. I guess I feel kind of lame. I mean, who really has thirty minutes a day to spout about themselves and tell the rest of the world how richly God has blessed them? Seems a bit egocentric to me. But then I decided that I was going to want to write in my journal anyway. And I guess if I’m the only person who ever reads this, that will be fine by me. But Dad has always said I should write a book about my life. He says people would definitely pay to read it. And Bryce told me I should blog about the experiences. So I guess if maybe someday this gets edited and turned in to a manuscript of some sort, friends and family who have kept up can consider themselves the privileged perusers and first editors. See, there we go already with the ego. Anyway, adios and enjoi!



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