Wonderful Wuatemala and the Rich Coast

We’ve made it!

After three weeks of couch-surfing, the cramped four hour sleep on an Airbus 319 was nothing atypical. Or maybe it was the exotic topography and bumpy roads of Central America that kept me awake. Either way after a quick pitstop in Guatemala (or Wuatemala as they call it), I couldn’t take my eyes off the scenery as we made the ninety kilometer drive to my most constant home in weeks. I suppose my traveling companions weren’t quite as energetic, and I alone ended up keeping Mr. Delgadillo company as we explored our new terrain. And on the first day, we rested. Six days early, but much needed. After Mr. and Mrs. Delgadillo went to bed, Casey and I went out on the town. We found a nice little game of futbol, and then went to grab a seafood dinner at the local restaurant. A seafood dinner that looked back at us I must add. We ordered small lobsters, fresh from the sea. I thought the little fellas might just crawl off the plate but they sure were good.

We woke up bright and early to a beautiful view out the window and headed down for some fresh fruit and tortillas for breakfast.

After breakfast Mr. and Mrs. Delgadillo stayed to relax, but Casey and I headed to “town” for church. Unfortunately we never made it. There was a miscommunication in the directions. I am proud to say that it wasn’t my spanish that was lacking but instead our geographical  proficiency. All our local friends were eager to help, but they kept telling us that the town we were looking for was antes (before) Puntarenas, where we were staying. As it turns out, the Double Tree resort is actually before Puntarenas as well, and where we were headed was after. In fact, the iglesia and tienda we were looking for was within walking distance of our resort. Maybe God was telling us, “sometimes the most spiritual experience is not inside a building.” He was right! We really got an authentic Costa Rican experience as we drove through little villages and even inquired (in Spanish, I might add) about a house for sale at 7000 colones. That’s only $20! Apparently it was a little more than that so Casey and I decided not to buy it. Not today anyways. 🙂

We got back and the Delgadillos were enjoying the sun by the black-sand beach so of course we decided to join. Then Mr. Delgadillo – who is extremely in shape for a dad-aged man – joined me for a workout. I was surprised at how strenuous it proved to be. Afterwards we went to dinner at the little place across the street again. I got a chicken burger, and I was a little bit sad when I found out that the Costa Ricans do American food better than Americans do. Next we went to the marcado, and Casey and I got supplies for making a Delgadillo dinner, which we should be making tomorrow night. As for tonight… I think we’ll go watch the dance show at the resort (No worries, it’s not “adult” dancing) and then watch a movie and call it a night. Here’s to the Rich Coast!


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