Blessings to You so Much!

I have be learning these days much how I really, really enjoy the speaking way of this people. So then today I should be writing as one of them would write. Only I will write like one who is better with the English, for you not understand if it is worse. Maybe this today is my best English student. But only you will can understand it with a big accent, because the computer will not say the accent like it is. Today I wake up early before church because I need to say the words of sermon for them. Frank has told me that it will be a disgrace to be going to the church like I am, so he will iron the pants for me. I had gotten embarrassed. We would practice the songs that we will be sing at the church too, because we will give our people a show them song. Then we began to on the ride to the church in our taxi that has come. When we get to the church I am then standing up to speak. I give a long speech about love. I will compare the verses in Matthew 7:1-5 and Matthew 18:15-17. How can it be that both of these will be true? How is it that we will be judge our friends but not judge our friends? I was speak for around forty-five minutes and with Lule, he speaks too to help me with my, I interpret. I think that it is a good lesson because it is something, it helps with these people and they have a problem that I will want to be helping to solve. I will have begin my lesson by tell the people that we have come to be a teach to them, but really, we have come for them they have teach us. I will finish my lesson by say, “I think that God has a big love, and it will be big enough so that we will be able to accept the sins of the sinner, as God accepted all of our sins and we are also sinner. And big enough to be helping our brothers because with love we do not want for our brother to be doing something that will be bad. After then we have perform a song and the church will have like it the way we have sing. We come home and eat. Then we must do washing. Matilda had been surprising that I can wash the dish, and I have been asking for many days. Finally she will let me wash and she is surprised I can do. It. I will explain that in my apartment there is not a washing machine that makes for dishes, so I am use to it. But she will not believe that we do not always have machine all of us. Then we will wash our clothes, which I have not do for many weeks because I will leave for Costa Rica and I will not have had a wash machine. So we can wash and I have to be saying, I am so surprise that I will be washing all the clothes, even Kaitlyn’s underwear, even Greg’s underwear, even Abbie’s underwear. Then I can put them in the living room on a wire to be dried.We have want to go to café for the computer, but we cannot. So we will have played with the children and they will have funny name. A girl is with a normal name, called Juliette, but a boy will have name Boy. |How funny it is being! Tomorrow, Pastor Paul will have say that he will be wanting to share his vision with me for the church and that I should be big help for him to show it to Kenya!

And also one more thing I will be telling you before I go. I cannot be showing you the pictures I am taking because the computer is not fast in connection here, and I cannot be seeing it often, so I will put them up when I am getting to my home in America. Blessing to you so much!!!


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